Sunday, February 21, 2016

Employee Appreciation Day: Why It’s Important to Recognize Staff Efforts

Consider this as a warning - Employee Appreciation Day is March 4th.

Wait - don't groan about yet another Hallmark-sponsored obligation!  While we do live in a culture that's over saturated with holidays - today, for instance, happen to be National Margarita Day  - employers  would be ill-advised to dismiss Employee Appreciation Day.  The concept behind the holiday is certainly far from meaningless (no offense to the frozen drink).  Recognizing the contributions of employees is a valuable action, not to mention mutually beneficial.

Late last year, a survey conducted by on career site Glassdoor revealed that employees who work for appreciative bosses are more likely to work harder and stay with their current companies longer.  Showing appreciation not only creates good vibes in the office, it actually makes a difference in employees' work habits and long-term career decisions.

Not surprisingly, the preferred method of conveying appreciation was monetary compensation.  So, by all mean, dole out bonuses on March 4th - but you may find a more lasting impact from the survey's second favorite token of appreciation.  That's right Tied: Food and Promotional Products.

Shop for Promo can provide you great gift cards, apparel, mugs, incentives and more.  Let us help you find what you need to help your employees feel appreciated.

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