Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Top 3 Reason Why Promotion Products Work

Are you asking yourself, "How can I get the most return on my marketing dollars?" Marketing budgets are a awful thing to waste, which is why the choice of the ad spend remains one of the most strategically critical decision you can make each year. This decision has become even more difficult as media has become increasingly fragmented. You now find yourself in the midst of a fast shifting advertising landscape.
I don't know about you, but I grew up in the 80s and 90s surrounded with ads and have emerged as ad-avoidance ninjas who fast-forward through the commercials, skip to the YouTube video, or simply stream/download ad-less content. If that weren't enough to make you scratch your marketing head, the plethora of platforms has made your job of reaching as many people across various channels far more complex.
I know what you are thinking, "Where is the data"?  Glad you asked. Multiple studies have reliably shown that even as this technology driven tsunami of media channels has shaken up traditional media marketing (TV, radio, print, even online) at its core, one advertising channel has held up remarkably well in delivering robust return on investment (ROI) to you the marketers - Promotional Product.  You know the stuff with your logo on it.
Promotional Products have continued to deliver more ROI, while traditional marketing is faltering
It makes complete logical sense in retrospect that this phenomenon has occurred. Think about it - Promotional products create value for a customer even before they engages with the brand!  In contrast, ads create value for the brand, but not necessarily for the customer. In many cases in fact, ads are something a customer has to tolerate before they can access the content they desire. 
An ad has to convince a customer to act on the message - buy a product, visit a website, redeem a coupon - that the customer is nowadays increasingly choosing not to do. A promotional product, on the other hand, is a physical reminder to engage with your brand each time the product is used - for free! A brand cannot make a specific customer watch a TV commercial or listen to a radio ad, but it can choose to give away its promotional product to its target customer.
These are 3 Reasons Why Promotional Products Deliver Incredible Returns On Your Marketing Spend in comparison to traditional marketing channels - 

1. Promotional Products are Memorable

According to a recent study, a whopping 83% of participants could recall the name of the advertised brand on the promotional product that they received in the past 12 months. These numbers look particularly impressive in comparison to TV ads (68%), print ads (60%), and online ads (27%). 
Brand recognition requires repeated exposure to the brand name, slogan and logo. Multiple studies have shown that the best way to remember something is by seeing it over and over again. Repeated exposure using other forms of advertising such as TV ads can be an expensive proposition as these mediums require pay-per-ad, unlike promotional products, which are one-time-buys. 

2. Promotional Products are Inexpensive

Let's face it - Advertising can be expensive, and there's nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a campaign that doesn't deliver results. One popular way of measuring the ROI is cost-per-impression, which is the amount of money spent on a campaign compared to the number of times someone sees the ad.
Promotional products offers the highest ROI in comparison to any other advertising medium. The cost-per-impression of a promotional product such as a baseball cap (0.2 cents per impression) is in fact as much as 10 times lower than that of a prime-time TV ad (2 cents per impression). Not to even mention the significantly large investment required to produce a TV commercial!

3. Promotional Products are Useful

Promotional Products are so incredibly effective at creating brand awareness because they are so useful, and they are more common and ever present then you would think. An estimated 88% of American consumers have received a promotional product in the past year, out of which 76% not only find them useful but also use them at least once a week! 
An expensive ad played over and over during the Superbowl can create brand awareness, but it can not even come close to the amount of brand recognition that a simple promotional tote bag can create through repeat exposure. Why? Because while other advertising mediums interrupt or sometimes even annoy customers, promotional products actually solve problems for customers. Way to go Promotional Products!

There are many other reasons why promotional products are so effective. They are great for generating new business and delivering repeat business. They stick around for a long time and get passed on to other customers as re-gifts. They enhance direct marketing and generate an incredible number of referrals. 
The list is endless but the key point is this - brands exist to create value for their customers, and there is just no more effective way of delivering that message to your customers than to give them something they can use every day, like a pen to write with, a t-shirt to wear, or a bag in which to carry their grocery. No other form of advertising can enable a brand to so closely tie a benefit to the customer. Are you leveraging promotional products effectively to build your brand?

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